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Tallium platform allows manages to monitor platform performance - number of created and viewed content and general members statistic. 
Depending from the analytic's data, mangers can plan the next step in the platform development. 

Analytics are located in Manager Panel, under Analytics tab.

There are three graphs available in the admin panel:

VIEW per content type -  graph is displaying number of views for all enabled content types. Each content type is displayed with line in different color. View for content types can be turned off by clicking on color switch near content name.

CREATE per content type -  same as above, but this graph is displaying number of created content pieces per content type. 

Members -  number of members that have signed up. Active and inactive(persons who didn't activate their account or log into the platform) members are displayed. 

Graphs by default are displaying data for one month period, but the range and data step (day, week, month) can be changed directly for each graph.