Tallium 1.17.0

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Tallium 1.17.0

Version 1.17.0 is introducing two important things – job board and taxonomy management. The two new features are other are other improvements and bug fixes as well.

New Features

#8147 – Job Board

Job board is extension to Company feature on the platform. Job board allows creating job openings ads for existing and the new companies. Published jobs are displayed on Jobs page under Companies.

Beside tags, jobs have location which is used to precise where the available position is located. Job ad creator must enter either email or application link.

Below is example of job board from https://thewaternetwork.com/

Job board


Jobs can be moderated before they are published.


#7423 – Taxonomy Manager

Working with taxonomies is now simplified and more user friendly. Taxonomy Manager is now available in Manager Panel, under Vocabularies option.

Beside default features – adding, deleting and renaming, manager now can move terms. Importing terms is significantly improved, so now initial loading can be done with CSV file with parent -> child -> grandchild structure.


Completely new Taxonomy Manager


#8214 – Added buy link for products and services

Products and services now have buy link. Buy link allows users to visit actual site where the product or service are available for purchase.

Fixed bugs

#7708 - Locations are displayed twice – issue was happening when the location was generally described (e.g. London, United Kingdom)

#7907 - Missing number of total and unique views

#7937 - Images not visible in preview in IE11 in Get Latest Content widget

#8246 – Fixed issue with profile connecting with LinkedIn