Tallium 1.28.0

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Tallium 1.28.0



  1. Content filtering and search improvements: The major improvement is changing logic how taxonomy filter is working.

    1. If one term is selected, other terms will recount other terms and display only terms that are used with currently selected term

    2. Term filter is now using AND logic  selecting multiple terms will narrow down content results, so only content items that are tagged with all selected terms will be displayed

    3. Multiple child terms can be selected

    4. Added quick filter which allows displaying the content created last day or last 7 days

    5. Added quick filter which allows user to display all content or just items that matches user's SMP

    6. Filters in Library and other list pages is now sticky, and always displayed on the screen

    7. Added sorting by SMP score if Smart Match content filter is active

    8. Redesigned sorting dropdown: ascending and descending options are now merged into one option. Selecting the same option will change sorting direction.

  2. Changed text on button from "+Company" to "Add Your Organization" so now is more clear what is the purpose of the action

  3. Member list page is redesigned, so now displays users as grid instead as list.

  4. Top tab bar is removed from the top of list pages, so now subfeatures are displayed in the left hand side navigation as sidemenu

  5. Left hand side will display feature label as the first item in sidemenu if the navigation is collapsed

  6. Bids are no longer displayed in the activity sidebar

  7. Switzerland is now default location when user opens map


Bug Fixes

  1. Members can now delete work experience

  2. Activity links on user’s profile are now clickable

  3. Collections are loading faster now - resolved issue with slow loading when there is lot of content in the same collection

  4. Colors for sponsored content are reverted to the old ones

  5. Quickpost teaser dropdown placement fixed

  6. Fixed error when clicking on Add location banner  location banner was missing

  7. Content from other instances was appearing in Groups

  8. After update, expertise was missing on single user profile

  9. Anonymous users were not able to access suggestions on homepage

  10. Fixed issue with Notifications throwing "Houston we have a problem!" after clicking on them

  11. Sponsored content appearing in sidebar is now randomized




  1. Removed Permission for Filters from User Role Settings in Manager Panel. Filters are always present on the list pages, so this role didn't have purpose. 

  2. Default content(feature) name is now always discretely displayed in Manager Panel


Bug fixes

  1. Fast Create Button is no more overlapping other buttons in Manager Panel

  2. Published/Unpublished status element when creating moderated Discussions is now dropdown instead of radio buttons, so the layout is consistent with other create content dialogs

  3. Fixed issue where in some cases managers were not able to access Company moderation in Manager Panel > Moderation > Company Requests


Tallium 1.28.1



  1. On Members page Message button now looks like button, previously it was just plain link.
  2. On Products/Services list page is displayed on what instance is created that product or service. Hidden for the current instance. 
  3. Changed email notifications when the product is posted - users now will get notification email only if the posted product matches SMP score and is sponsored. 
  4. For anonymous(not logged) users, Get connected widget on the homepage will display the latest members. Previously it was empty. 
  5. Sidebar filter bar on lists pages is now fixed, and always visible when user is scrolling the content. 

Bug Fixes

  1. Messaging system was not loading, now is fixed. 
  2. URL to member's profile was not correct in Interested dialog on the single product page. 
  3. Fixed issue with notifications - if there was notification for endorsement, the notifications would break and display "Houston we have a problem" page. 
  4. Fixed misspelling on Onboarding screen - word "below" was misspelled. 
  5. Calendar filter for events was not displaying correctly. 



  1. In Manager Panel, under Moderation section is now displayed everything. Previously only Articles were displayed by default.  

Tallium 1.28.2


Bug fixes

  1. While editing Personal Experience, company search field was displaying featured companies, instead of correct search results. 
  2. Taxonomy terms on the 2nd and 3rd level were not displayed in alphabetical order. 
  3. Blank spaces for deleted content and actions related to that deleted content(comments, likes) are no longer appearing in the activity sidebar. 
  4. User is now by default following the content that he created. 
  5. Removed email notifications when unpublished content is edited.