Tallium Release 1.11

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Tallium Release 1.11

New Features

# tag feature -  allowing easier way for the members to tag content

When you want to use hashtags, it will be activated by using the # key. This would give a list of tags matching (minimum 3 letters) which is narrowed down as you type. Allows for multi-word searches with spaces in between.



Events - Members have option to sort Events list by year or by month.


events list.png




Option to sort events list by year or by month in events list is the option where you can see more the list of upcoming events or if you want to check past events you have filter by month or filter by year option.




Ability to customize the About block on the homepage

tallium about.png








about block.png



In Manager panel - General settings option there is About block where you can write the Title and Description of your community or a group.







About block can be turned off and in that case, there is no About block showing up on the homepage.

about 1.png

about 2.png



#5222 – When searching, I want to know if my keyword is found in title of the attachment
#6103 – Creating company from the work experience, and become Admin of that company
#6203 – Improved UX when creating article from URL
#6315 - Improved UX for creating content
#6380 - Single day events with no need to specify time