Tallium Release 1.4

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New Features

#30926 - Community tab in Navigation panel.

#28178 #30736 - Manager Panel improvement


#30927 - Relevant stats on the groups list page

#31418 - Empty panels improved, new icons and labels instead of old empty panels.

#29166 - Full 3 level Smart Match Pro. Now calculation of SMP is based on all 3 levels of taxonomy.

#31881 - New serialization process makes the platform much faster

#31670 - General settings in Manager panel improved. Accordions are removed. Titles and descriptions are changed, blocks are reordered.

#30024 - When the feature is renamed the text is changed on all locations.


Bug fixes

#32021 – Wrong label below Title in user profile section
#32119 – Connection counter on user is always null or 0
#32076 – No results appears after all items are loaded (at the end of the list)
#32230 – Empty panel location event single page
#32256 – Join button on company profile
#32257 – Can't add Instance descriptions
#32271 – Short description in library items bug
#32149 – Unique views problem in develop branch
#32336 – Add summary on profile bug
#32078 – Teaser for gallery is broken when there are no images (even if there is title and description)
#31220 – Conversation problem: Double user if not on instance
#32496 – Missing 'connection status' between users which are not members of the same instance
#32601 ‐ Newly created Category is not showing up in Group Category filter
#32611 – Wrong links in Likes and Comments for Quick Posts