Tallium Release 1.6

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Tallium Release 1.6

New Features

Navigation through the instances

#4599 - Members can navigate through their list of all instances.


#5255 - “Members only” pop up offers now navigation to list of other instances you are a member of.  


Profile improvements:


#4788 - Quick shortcut to edit basic profile info.


#4734 - Members can use just a month or a year in date picker for adding experience.

#5179 - The "Experience" section automatically sets your profile title to your current company and Job Title. Adding previous work experience will not change your Job title, as long as you have stated the end date of your previous employment.


Member Management improvements:

#4927 - Managers have ability to send message and remove users when selecting all.
#4925 - Managers can now filter by Role. 

#5085 - Search performance improvement 

#5200 - Notification email has now option Show more for the quick post 

#5151 - Notification email subject is now branded.