Tallium Release 1.7

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Tallium Release 1.7

New Features

#4808 ­- Mentions :

Members are now able to:




When you want to mention other member you have to use @name to mention. When you start typing @name the drop down will show up with option to choose which member you want to mention. Members are able to mention more than one member but every time you want to mention member you have to type @.


Member is able to set email notifications through settings in his profile. There are three option to set email notifications: immediate, digest and to turn off.


#5757 -­ Members of private groups are now able to view their private content directly from the Community

Clear indication that the content that member sees is from a private instance.


#5499 – Clear indication that user is not a member of any instance

#5314 ­- Now comments are automatically expanded 

#5268 ­- Now links from email notifications will take you directly to comments/replies 

#5684 ­- Very short description in instant notifications and emails