Release 1.10.0

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Release 1.10.0

New Features

Feature Members & Events on homepage.  Featured option added to Communities, Managers can feature Members and Events on the homepage Featured Widget. Members and events have a small start on their public profiles which managers can use to feature them on the homepage. The featured widget is available in the Manager Panel under the section "widgets". 

featured member.png


Upload Graphic files directly to the platform to share large Photoshop files or to get feedback on work-in-progress (see allowed file types)


“Latest Content” widget available for homepage with endless scroll allows Managers to turn their homepage into a "wall" so members can easily see latest posts and catch up on what's happened since they last logged in. 



Category added to company feature to improve search results and enhance the filter capabilities for clients using the company feature. 



Best Answer sort added to questions to make it easier to gauge community feedback and see which answer is best received by the community and can help the asker resolve their issue.