Tallium Release 1.16.x

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Tallium Release 1.16.x


New Features

#7535 - View embedded images in full size

Mouse-over image to activate the expand icon in the upper right corner. Clicking on the icon will open images in full size. 

(Try here --->)


#7383 - Create documents in bulk

  1. Open document create form
  2. Click ADD FILES and Drag-n-drop files, or browse to upload
  3. After all files are finished uploading, click the save button
  4. Mouse-over files to access editing options
  5. Add tags and Categories (they will be added to all documents), click submit to create. 
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 & 5

Feature improvements

#7529 - visual improvements to indented lists

#7727 - Use quotation marks to find exact matches for words or phrases when searching

#7712 - Add ability to import files from word when editing articles/blog

#7576 - Combined search and explore for smoother UX when using keywords

#7528 - Updated import from word to retain table formatting and background colors


Bug fixes

#7593 - Group activity not hidden when groups are disabled

#7732 - formatting tool bar not sticky in IE 11