Tallium Release 1.2.0

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New Features

#26655 - Member Analytics enable you to track total number of new members joining and total number of members activating their accounts.


#28365 - Platform Managers can customize the category filters for content across their platform.

#28791 - Platform managers can select any group and become manager. This option is available to any member that has access to the Manager Panel

#28972 - Managers can grant automatic membership when users join a parent or child space on the platform. The automatic membership is a 2-way configuration. If either side disables the option, automatic membership will not be granted.

#28791, #28792, #28990 - Company Profile features


#28670 - In-platform alerts for members to prompt them to fill in Know-How and Location on their profile.

#29094 - SmartMatchPro TM scoring refinements to 3rd-level matches

#29127 - Edit links open specific tab in companies, events, and member profile

#28998 - Description clarification on setting group features

#28999 - Popup automatically closes after successfully logging in with Linkedin


Bug fixes

#29069 - CSV import of members did not recognize Microsoft encoding.
#28976 - Company feature disabled on Network caused Internal Server error