Tallium 1.18.0

What’s new? Collections : Users can now create series of articles in desired reading order. Can be used for creating training guides, manuals, how-to series… Bids : Bids are new content type which can be used to create bids (tenders). Access to Unpublished content : Users can now more easily access to all their unpublished content. Invite contacts : Users can now invite their contacts to join. Contacts can be manually typed or imported from CSV file. Sponsored content – Jobs and Products : Content can now be sponsored to get more views. Content is automatically sponsored after the user completes payment. For managers Import users : Improved existing feature – Manager can import large number of users from properly structured CSV file. Existing users will be automatically marked after import. Company offers : New section in Manager Panel. Published and unpublished Products, Services, Bids and Jobs are now listed under Moderation -> Company Offers. Improvements Improved readability of the platform: We have changed default font and increased line spacing, so the content should be easier for reading. Increased number of document preview pages from 5 to 10. Content can now be automatically shared on LinkedIn. Hidden inactive features in Taxonomy Manager. Redesigned Register/Login modal for visitors. Bug fixes Services are now correctly appearing in Mosaic widget. Fixed issue with mentions on Network level. Fixed issue with login page on private instances when the members are not members of the parent instance. Sometimes users were not able to Publish created content due to false-positive validation issue. Login page on mobile phones now looks good.