Tallium 1.22.0

Improvements Users can fill in new company data accurately: UX improvement - option for creating new company is now better separated from the list of existing companies in the auto-suggest. If the user selects a New Company, he will now need to fill in more details about the company. Smart Match Pro notifications User now can get notifications about Questions, Products, Jobs, Services and Bids based on their Smart Match Pro score. Those settings can be managed from Profile Settings. Bug Fixes Fixed issue with sponsored bids: Bids and other sponsored content where disappearing from the Companies List page on page refresh. Activity Sidebar Like and Related content links are not redirecting properly: Content from different instance that are displayed in Activity Sidebar where not pointing to the correct instance, which was resulting in a 404 error. Now the links from different instances in Activity Sidebar on the parent instance are working correctly. Register modal throws User to home page if cancelled: Users where redirected to the instance homepage if they canceled the Register/Login modal and if they were previously where on the internal page.