Tallium 1.23.0

New Features User Engagement Analytics Exciting new feature for managers! User Engagement Analytics provides information about users and their contribution to the platform - who is contributing the most and what actions user took. In addition there are basic statistics about the most popular content - views and likes. Improvements Sponsored content We have changed the rules how and when sponsored content is displayed. sponsored content is now matching user's Smart Match Pro score, so users will see only the relevant ads. As part of our improvements we introduced a sponsored content slider, so the user can easily browse ads. Another change is the content types that can be sponsored - we have extended this to articles and blogs, and we will follow with events, questions and discussions. Bug Fixes Fixed issue with adding files to company offers without editing  Fixed issue with access to unpublished content for users that are not members  Products or Services now can not be accessed using direct link if they are disabled in manager panel Unpublished content lists are showing counters for published content Products widget was displaying items in two rows Most active content counters should be hidden while content is loading Taxonomy filter on Search page is not showing the expected results Category filter on Search page is not showing the expected results Fixed issue on Company list page with Premium and Featured companies not being displayed on the top The Water Network Word change in The Water Network Shop - under Email Advertising - banners for the Digest - changed from "banners for the Digest are charged per month" to  "banners for the Digest are charged per week"