Tallium 1.24.0

Tallium 1.24.0 Improvements Better distinction between Pay Now and Sponsor banners: Color scheme and icons are changed, so pay now and sponsor banners have better distinction. Default search on lists page is now the same as on search page:  Search box and filters are now the same on content lists pages (Articles, Blogs, Questions, Discussions, Bids, Services, Jobs, Products) as on Search page. That way users have the same options on all pages, search is unified and therefore consistent across the platform.  Bug Fixes Fixed issue with emails for Questions, Products, Jobs Not Being Sent Taxonomies now can be edited - renamed Fixed issue with broken icons for Bids and Products/Services in email digest Fixed issue with groups appearing in search results for taxonomy terms used once Tallium 1.24.1 Bug Fixes Fixed issue with notifications not being sent   Tallium 1.24.2 Bug Fixes Fixed issue where Companies, Articles and Events updates were not displayed in analytics   Tallium 1.24.3 Bug Fixes Fixed issue with taxonomy counter not counting Collections, Bids and Services when renaming taxonomy term Removed email notifications for bids    Tallium 1.24.4 Bug Fixes Fixed issue with unpublished content which was previously published