Tallium 1.25.0

Tallium 1.25.0 Improvements Improved maps performance - maps are loading much faster now, without glitches.  Collections are loading faster - added rules to caching for collections. Moderated and sponsored content is now sending email notifications to content author with links to review the content and to pay publishing. Added message to login window when visitor (non-logged user) tries to create content using Quick Create Bug Fixes Added companies articles to The Latest Content widget. Fixed issue when user title is not updated if the user creates company during onboarding process. Reduced time between the products set will appear in the homepage widget. Fixed issue where the content type name displayed in the activity feed does not correspond to the actual type of that content.  Company description is now saved when added from Experience dialog.  Set banner is now visible in Manager Panel. Editing company name from Experience dialog was discarding the previously created company, and created the new one causing problems to other company members.  The Water Network Sponsored views are now linking to correct modal.  Promote your content banner is now visible on the Related content sidebar. Tallium 1.25.1 Bug Fixes Login with LinkedIn is working again. Articles and Recommendations on lists pages (Library) were throwing Not Found - 404 page. Fixed. Tallium 1.25.2 Bug Fixes Accounts with saved drafts on different instances were not able to login.  Collections were disappearing from instances.  The Water Network Shop changes and improvement.