Tallium 1.27.0

Tallium 1.27.0 Improvements New offer notification: Email with the new offer notification now contains user who created the new company offer instead of just company name. Maps on separate page: Map with users now is on separate page, and can be easily shared with active filters. Bug Fixes Changed button label for bids: Label on single bid page is changed from nina boldt. Missing moderation in some communities: Content moderation was missing in some communities.  List of comanies was not cosistent: On page reload, list of companies that are not premium or feature was randomized. This is fixed now.  Work experience now can be deleted from the profile.  Link in registration confirmation email is now clickable.  The Water Network Shop revisions: Shop is renamed to Digital Marketing, and contact information are now more visible. Added media kit for download.  Missing answers on questions: Fixed issue with answers synchronization.  Products and jobs slider improvements: Only sponsored jobs and products are displayed in Jobs widget and Products and Services widget. Also, widget will display personalized content to match user's know-how.