Tallium 1.30.0

Tallium 1.30.0 Users Improvements Changed order of the content in daily and weekly emails: Order of the content in daily and weekly emails is changed to reflect the most users needs. Sections order is set to articles, blogs, questions, discussions, jobs, products and bids. Moved Quick Create button: Quick Create button (green round plus) is now moved to the bottom right of the screen. This way it will not obstruct actions and menus in the header area, like profile, search and such on smaller screens. Quick Create is now easier to access and use on mobile devices.  Edit and delete content actions: Edit and delete actions are now extracted and available directly, without need to open dropdown and to select desired action. Only content author and users with editor or administrator role have access to them.  Bug Fixes Underline missing from words: Fixed issue where underline style was removed from words.  Edit Work experience bug: "Houston we have a problem" message was displayed if the user was updating his work experience.  Fixed minor bug where the new users were not able to access their instance using link from activation email.    Managers Bug Fixes Content counter in taxonomy manager: Content counter in taxonomy manager was returning incorrect numbers in warning dialog before term is renamed.  Categories in Manager Panel: Added infinite scroll, so now all categories are displayed. Previously only top 20 categories were visible.  Unpublished Quick Posts were missing back button.    The Water Network Users Improvements Featured companies: Featured and promoted organizations are now displayed in the sidebar on single organization page. Videos on product page: Videos can be added to the single product page in the same way as for articles. Added video URL field which is accepting videos posted on third-party websites.  Add counter for company/organization offers on single company/organization page.  Bug Fixes Fixed counter for organization members on single company/organization page.  Add Product: User was able to select the company from different instance. Now only companies from the current instance are available in Add Product dialog. Fixed counter for unpublished Updates on single company/organization page. Fixed issue with layout on members search page - layout was breaking when no filters were applied.  Fixed counter for unpublished company/organization offers on single company/organization page.    Managers Improvements Company offers export: Managers now can filter and export company offers data easily.  Added list of Companies/Organizations in Manager panel under Moderation tab.  Bug Fixes Fixed job counter: Job counter for unpublished jobs was showing incorrect number.