Tallium Release 1.1.0

New Features #28298 - Network communities can have their own unique taxonomies that are not linked to or connected to the parent Network This feature does not affect groups. Groups will continue to inherit the taxonomy of their parent domain   Refinements #28212 - Terminology updated across platform. Group mosaics will be labeled “featured”, users are relabelled to “members”. #28277 - Separation of name and URL changes. Manager can no longer change the URL of their platform, only the name. #28602 - Editing content will not update the publishing date. #28604 - New members are redirected to the onboarding section before being given access to the platform. #28664 - Member widgets on the homepage will only feature members who have uploaded a profile picture. #28620 - Question widget updated to automatically turn off when the feature is disabled by a Manager. #28871 - Platform-wide speed and caching improvements #28871 - Google indexing activated for all Networks   Bug fixes #28592 - Cannot publish suggested link from manager panel #28617 - Selected item in left navigation is not highlighted #28625 - No images thumbnails for gallery, just grey area #28651 - Pagination not working for more than 20 pages on members list #28658 - showing up on the email notifications for questions matching SmartMatch #28668 - Activity bug when deleting content   #28680 - My files/adding files to content not working #28577 - Mosaic - cannot load when no custom settings done #28596 - Duplicate form for edit firstname and lastname #28599 - On content lists, the text preview doesn't show html entities #28706 - If registering via LinkedIn on /register page user is not redirected to homepage #28739 - Manager panel: Close modal for new member doesn't show confirmation dialog #28789 - Deleting suggested links - no confirmation dialog before deleting suggestions #28788 - Mosaic settings - changing manual to automatic, but it still shows letter M #28790 - when user is not member of the instance and clicks to access some other user, he gets 500