Tallium Release 1.2.0

New Features #26655 - Member Analytics enable you to track total number of new members joining and total number of members activating their accounts.   #28365 - Platform Managers can customize the category filters for content across their platform. Use the color picker to customize the background Select from a range of icons to match your branding. Reorder without affecting any content already tagged. #28791 - Platform managers can select any group and become manager. This option is available to any member that has access to the Manager Panel #28972 - Managers can grant automatic membership when users join a parent or child space on the platform. The automatic membership is a 2-way configuration. If either side disables the option, automatic membership will not be granted. #28791, #28792, #28990 - Company Profile features Advert to upgrade to full company profile if member only has basic company Company owners can select multiple administrators for the company profile Configurable URL can link Basic company profiles to a payment page for upgrading to General administration improvements Refinements #28670 - In-platform alerts for members to prompt them to fill in Know-How and Location on their profile. #29094 - SmartMatchPro TM scoring refinements to 3rd-level matches #29127 - Edit links open specific tab in companies, events, and member profile #28998 - Description clarification on setting group features #28999 - Popup automatically closes after successfully logging in with Linkedin   Bug fixes #29069 - CSV import of members did not recognize Microsoft encoding. #28976 - Company feature disabled on Network caused Internal Server error