Tallium Release 1.3

New Features #28707, #29053 – Privacy Hide private groups and communities from lists and public navigation Activated https on all Networks, communities, and groups Show/hide content from groups/ communities from showing in parent domains Display LOCKED icon on private groups/communities #30417 – Follow Automatic follow when replying to content posts Automatic follow my own content Custom notification settings #29051, #28972 – Member registration Turn public registration on/off Block members from joining groups Grant automatic membership in parent instance or through group membership automatic membership is a 2-way configuration. If either side disables the option, automatic membership will not be granted. Refinements #29353, #29095 – Speed improvements File browsing and cropping improvements Automatic “load more” on list pages Rebuild cache speed improved #29280 – Add network members directly to communities (Manager only options) #29070 – updated selection of icons for custom categories #29751 – SEO optimization #29494 – Onboarding for new members #28979 – ‘My Groups’ navigation hidden when feature is disabled #30376 – Notification settings update #30439 – fixed footers on paginated modals Bug fixes #29542 – unpublished content sent in digests #29367 – resent password required users to fill in twice #29334 – invites blocking managers from directly adding to communities or groups #29584 – New categories not displayed in filters and searches #29328 – Connecting to Dropbox disconnects user from Google Drive #30076 – fixed save buttons on auto-loading pages #30228 – Managers prompted to join their own groups #30248 – reset password stuck on the same page after successful #30279 – New categories not displayed in groups #30313 – Notifications to un-authorized accounts #30450 – Reset password not working on private instances #30460 – Moderated content not included in digests