Email Templates

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Tallium platform uses several email templates. Email templates are used to send automatic notifications to users.

They usually consist text and links, depending from the purpose. Instance manager can customize templates – change and stylize text, insert images, automatic parameters (used to retrieve data).

Accessing templates

All templates can be customized directly from Manager panel.

  1. Login into the platform as manager.

  2. Click on button in upper right corner, and select Manager Panel from dropdown.

  3. Select Email Templates from the left side navigation.

Available templates:

Customizing templates

Each template can be customized. Click on the title of the template or down arrow, will expand the template.

Standard editor is available for the content customization.

Email templates use parameter shortcodes – they are used to retrieve data from the system like user’s name, instance name etc. Not all parameters are available for all templates.

Click on button will reveal list of available shortcodes. Shortcodes can be inserted into email template content.

List of available shortcodes per email template: